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English Translation Service

English Translation Service by Specialized Translators with Complete Legalization Service

Master Piece Translation provides English translation service by specialized translators with extensive experience in English translation. We have both Thai and native translators, so you can be assured that your documents will be translated in comprehensive and fine language like the original version. 

We offer English translation for all kinds of documents, including translation from other languages into English and/or from English into more than 23 languages around the world, such as English into German, English into Thai, English into French, English into Italian, English into Swedish, and more. Our service is provided by specialized native translators.

Our English translation service covers the following documents:

All kinds of legal documents e.g. contracts, plaints and indictments, court orders, certificate of final case, will and testament, work rules, company’s regulations, notifications of ministries, bureaus and departments, acts and decrees of all kinds, etc.

Financial documents e.g. all kinds of corporate financial statements, balance sheets, bank’s financial documents, bank statements and income certificates, etc.

All kinds of medical documents

Company incorporation documents e.g. trade registration, commercial registration, company certificate, objectives of company’s establishment, VAT certificate, list of shareholders’ names (BorOrJor.5), memorandum of association and articles of association, etc.

All kinds of personal official documents e.g. personal identification cards, house registrations, birth certificates, certificates of first name change, certificates of last name change, divorce certificates, letters of child travel consent,  letters of child custody consent, military documents, all kinds of educational documents

Bidding documents e.g. letter of distributorship, agreement of distributorship, bid invitation, term of reference and specifications, etc.

Technical documents e.g. manual and material safety data sheet, etc.

With complete legalization service for the above documents as follows:

Legalization with Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Chaeng Watthana Road) (Click here for details)

Legalization with foreign embassies in Thailand (Click here for details)

Notarization by professional lawyers (Click here for details)

Certification by registered translators for bid submission (Click here for details)

For more information about English translation service, please contact us at 02-9075533, 081-8024950, Line ID: @line2004, Email:

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