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Translation ServiceWe, Master Piece Translation Ltd., Part., established since 2004, provide multi-languages translation, translators and interpreters for individuals and companies of all sizes. We provide legalization and authentication service at Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and many embassies such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and other embassies located in Thailand. In addition, we provide Notarial Services Attorney for all kinds of document.

We offer excellence in multi-language documentation translation into and from 22 languages as follows ;

English Translation  English German Translation  German Swedish Translation  Swedish
Chinese Translation  Chinese French Translation  French Japanese Translation  Japanese
Indonesian Translation  Bahasa Indonesia  Myanmar_Flag  Burmese Vietnamese Translation Vietnamese
รับแปลภาษากัมพูชา  Khmer รับแปลภาษาลาว  Lao Russian Translation Russian
แปลภาษาโปรตุเกส Portuguese แปลภาษาสเปน  Spanish Turkish_flag Turkish
Malaysian translation Malaysian Dutchflag  Dutch Korean_flag Korean
Italian-flag Italian   Arabic Hebrew_flag  Hebrew
Romanian_flag Romanian    

As a customer-driven translation company, we know our customers want to work with responsive and competent vendors. We believe our work conveys your company's image and we strive to serve clients diligently.

As our customer, we will always address your needs and concerns promptly to ensure that the final product is everything you desire. With a pool of professional translators, we can provide multi language translation service for small or large projects and companies. Our translators are selected based on their experience, language proficiency and professional credentials.

Translation Rate

English to Thai    :  $ 15 - 20.- /page (approx. 300-350 words contained)
Thai to English    : $ 15 - 20.- /page (approx. 300-350 words contained)
Other Languages : $ 15 - 30.- /page (approx. 300-350 words contained)

Accreditation Rate

Legalization / Authentication service at Consular Department, MFA:    Starts   1,200 Baht/job.
Legalization / Authentication service at an embassy:   Starts 2,000 Baht / job.

We provide authentication service at the following embassies;

• Chinese • Vietnamese • Laos
• Korean • Taiwan • Netherlands
• and other embassies upon requested  

Other services

 - International Driving Permit
- Work Permit & Visa for foreigner who would like to work in Thailand

Contact us

You can visit our office by taxi, bus, van, or even by your own car. 

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